SOULSHINE inspiration

What inspired SOULSHINE?
This is a fun story so I feel it important to tell..

The inspiration seed was planted a year or so ago, all because of a hashtag, but there are layers upon layers of inspiration that have given me the courage to pursue this idea.

The true moment of inspiration that set this project’s wheels in motion always brings me to tears! But I’m so grateful to finally be able to look at this screen and share it here…

It was 3 months after Shayne died, the girls and I were in Orlando staying with his younger sister. We decided to take the crew out to breakfast that morning to IHOP. I was in my van, with the girls, driving us, wondering about things, thinking about Shayne, my mind was in a serious hamster wheel that morning on the way to the house of pancakes. I remember just going from one subject to the next, I was checked out of driving and checked into my thoughts.

I was at a stop light and felt this undeniable electric surge in my body as a thought – or rather, web of thoughts strung together like Christmas lights – was rapid firing, “write! blog! share this journey! bring to light, honor Shayne! SOULSHINE!”

I had the moment. THE moment. And I began laugh-sobbing like a lunatic. (I have felt more than half a dozen of these lunatic moments since April but this one was a different kind of lunacy).
My gut, my heart, my mind, my soul were all jazzed up and in sync, going, “Yes! Don’t let go of this! Don’t let this moment go!”

So in order to ensure I held onto this moment of inspiration and didn’t forget, I hopped onto my trusty walkie-talkie app and voice messaged one of my very dear friends right away. I proceeded to brain dump every thought that was racing through my brain. I frantically told her that I think I was having a God moment and Shayne had everything to do with this moment, he was inspiring and motivating this and I didn’t know how or when I would make this happen but I MUST.

Soulshine fits like a glove. I had that filed away in my brain because of a hashtag I had used a year or so ago on a photo I posted to my personal Instagram, I randomly came up with #soulshine to tag my photo. I wasn’t sure if that would ever come back around to the front of my brain again, how could I have known it would in this way.

I sat there just thinking, over and over, this is it. This is how I honor him. But moreso, this is how I stay true to myself and this process. But it will have to be so much bigger and more than just me… its not about me. Its about us.

Fast forward several weeks after we moved to our new home in the panhandle, I was walking out of Target.
I saw a girl wearing this adorable hat and the font on the front of the hat caught my eye — I looked closer to read, “SOUL SHINE Pizza Factory”
I really couldn’t believe what I was reading. I laughed!
And of course I stopped her and said trying not to frighten her with my disbelief, “I love your hat, where did you get that?!” I was trying to contain my excitement (I mean, why would I love her trucker hat that said Soul Shine Pizza Factory…)
She looked at me absolutely appropriately, like, “Uhhh? Thanks???? Just a trucker hat!”
But laughed and said, “Oh! Nashville!”

And if my soul had a jaw it would have dropped.

Nashville is where Shayne and I met.

If I didn’t believe there was divine inspiration, intervention, if you’re open and ready things come to the right people at the right time… I do now.

I’m supposed to be here, doing this and honoring Shayne, and honoring me and our girls.
I’ve trusted this process until now, letting it lead and leave clues and bring inspiration to me. My heart and mind has been open and I am grateful to share more of what has been revealed to me to be the true mission behind this project. Let the healing and shining begin.

– The SOULSHINE Project –