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Looking for someone to write thought-provoking perspective, engaging content, or blog posts that inspire? Or, are you looking for a source who has personal experience with overcoming obstacles and living your best life, or grief and loss? That’s me.
I’m a story-teller. It’s what I do best.
My name is Caroline Stephenson and I’m a professional writer who is obsessed with the power of positive thinking, truth-telling, great food, squashing comfort zones, traveling and wandering into the unknown, and loves listening to people tell their story.

I currently serve as a contributing writer for 30A.com, and write content for http://www.letoursoulshine.com and http://www.thesecretingredient30A.com.
Need a copyeditor? I am a master at proofreading! Words are my jam.

I am currently working sort-of diligently on my first book, on sharing my story and lessons I have learned being a young widow, releasing later this year.
Topics I write passionately about include:

  • Self-help, and the underestimated power of self love
  • Love and relationships
  • Family, parenthood & marriage
  • Grief and loss
  • Food and travel
  • Health and wellness
  • Florida’s Emerald Coast

Want some samples? Here are some samples of my work sourced from the web over the span of a decade:

This Is What It’s Like To Fall In Love When Your Heart Is Still Grieving

If I Had To Tell My Newly-Widowed Self One Thing About Love, This Would Be It









Interested in collaborating?
Email me at elizcarolines at i cloud dot com with any questions you have.
I’d love to discuss your upcoming project by phone or by email.

I look forward to chatting with you.